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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Violaine Truck

Job Consultant organisation
email violainetruck [at] gmail [dot] com
Skypeid violainetruck
Phone number +33788866461
City (Country) FRANCE
Time 1h30
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Coaching Agility in a complex world or what's the difference between "pure" coaches and Agile coaches?


Over 16 years experience in the High-Tech industry as a "mediator/Product Owner" between R&D and final users. I got to practice Agile SCRUM as a Product Owner(r) and loved it but I felt I could give more as a Coach! Today, a certified coach-mediator, I try to help teams and individuals succeed in whatever they want to become, Agile or not Agile, transform conflict into positive outcome or negotiation. Last but not least, as a "left brain" by nature, I have decided to become rightist and discover the world of Games through Agility.


This conference was initially conceived for the International Coach Federation to introduce Agility to other professional coachs and HR people coming from all kinds of different backgrounds. What distinguishes an Agile coach from a "Pure" coach? "Pure" coaches do not play with their clients or not the same way Agile coaches usually play and use games with their clients. Is playing games the way to differentiate these two ? Discussing these subjects would undoubtedly lead to an other very theoretical/"left brain" discussion... which would undeniably please the left side of our brains again and forget the right side. It would also take us far away from Agility in a certain way. Let's play a game then! One or two games will be proposed during that conference to discover Agility and its values. You will hopefully catch very quickly and in a non-theoretical way what are the main obvious advantages of being Agile. This conference is perfect for "left brains" who are wondering the difference between Agile coachs and "Pure" Coaches or people who still don't know which side of their brain they use the most. It's also good for people who want to grasp very quickly some of the advantages of becoming Agile.


A room with no chairs no tables; nice space to move. 12 up to 18 people max. Material : one big board with pencils

Benefits for the attendees

Discover the true benefits of Agility: its's values through exercising the "right" side of your brain ! This conference can be split in two sessions of 45' each.

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