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Submitted Conference Content

Full name


Job Business Intelligence Engineer
email ad_lanasri [at] esi [dot] dz
Skypeid lanasridihia
Phone number 213 554 76 02 06
Company ANEM
City (Country) Algiers- Algeria-
Time 20'
Type of Conference Conference < 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Use Scrum Agile method in Business Intelligence projects


LANASRI Dihia; Information system and Technologies Engineer Business Intelligence Engineer Academic Master in Agile BI


The conference "Use Scrum Agile method in Business Intelligence projects" consists on presenting our method Scrum BI. I will present how to use the best practicies of scrum method in the management of a Business Intelligence project. Abstract--Business Intelligence is the process that transforms internal and external business data into information and knowledge, used by decision makers to achieve the right decisions at the right time. To realize a BI system, engineers are based primarily on one of two classic methods of Inmon or Kimball. They sometimes go through a hybrid method that is the concatenation of the two previous methods. These two waterfall methods define clearly the technical process of making a BI system. Nevertheless, they are limited in the definition of the BI project management process. Following our previous work [11], we adopted the Scrum agile development methodology, because it’s widespread among the leading IT market and presents several facilities, which we combined with the Kimball technical process. Through this article, we will present our ameliorated method Scrum BI [11] which is proposed to manage a BI project and improve the performance of the BI team. This method has experienced a great improvement over the previous version. This method was ameliorated and completed so as to be more efficient, we take in consideration the change and the risk management, we also define the best practices and the team structure so to cover the hole needs in any agile BI project. In addition, we will compare Scrum BI to the KIMBALL method. Keywords-- Business Intelligence; Scrum; Kimball process; Agile; Data Warehouse; Design Cycle.

Benefits for the attendees

Attendees will learn how to combine between the classic methods of BI projects (Kimball & Inmon) who propose a technical processs , and the agile method Scrum so to achieve the goals so fast and exact.


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